About us

SES-X Mission

The mission is to enable the green revolution on water. The company was founded on the principle that simple innovative solutions can dramatically bring down energy demand, which is the first step to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. We also want to demonstrate to the world that sustainable solutions can be better, quicker, safer and higher comfort

SES-X Team

Gudmund Sørensen


Carl Rehn


Anniken S. Hofgaard

Business Developer

Per Sodeland

Sr. Engineer

SES-X History
SES Europe AS (SE) was established in 1998 and Effect Ships International AS (ESI) in 2002. ESI acquired 100% of SE in 2005. ESI changed name to SES-X Marine Technologies AS in 2019.

SES-X Marine Technologies AS Company organization number: 984 262 612.

The company has invested USD 20 mill. in R&D.

Contact us

Grundingen 2, Akerbrygge 0115 Oslo

3590 SW, 30 th Ave Fourt Lauderdale FL 33312

Some of our collaborators

SES-X Team

  • Gudmund Sørensen, CEO, LinkedIn, gudmund.sorensen@sesxmarinetechnologies.com
  • Carl Rehn, LinkedIn, CTO, carl.rehn@sesxmarinetechnologies.com
  • Per Sodeland, LinkedIn, Sr. Engineer, per.sodeland@sesxmarinetechnologies.com