ASV Automation Description

ASV Automation is designed to ensure that the air flow and pressure, in the air cavity of the hull, and the pressure of ACEF (Air Cushion Enclosure Flap) at any time is the correct to ensure an optimum fuel efficiency and optimum comfort for the crew and passengers.

The ASV Automation system is developed on the basis of experience with manual operation of fan and flap system on 3 different ASV test vessels. 

The ASV Automation system uses information as the boat's weight, speed, and air cushion pressure to regulate the fan speed and the pressure of the air springs on the ACEF. This regulation loop is dependent on one specific parameter set, tailored to each boat. And one logical mathematical expression based on regulatory principles. Assuring an optimal setting under all driving conditions.

The ASV Automation system is designed based on the principle of "Logic and easy operation". This means that the system should be self-explanatory in use and that the system, in auto function, can be run "Hands off". But the operator have the possibillity to do small adjustments in order to improve the boats ride comfort. This is easily done with two buttons on the HMI display while driving.

The ASV Automation system also has a manual function. This is mainly used to "tune" the specific set of parameters for each vessel. Here, all functions of the ASV system operated manually as in our previous test vessels.

The ASV Automation system safeguards the possibility of fast and modern internet communication between the systems and those involved in service and maintenance of the system. In addition, features such as alarm handling, password-protected user levels and the option for simple and quick software updates is safeguarded. Data security / protection is also ensured through an encryption system in CoDeSys.